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Gig Alert: Alejo Aponte

Monday, November 15, 2010

Alejo Aponte
“La Fruta”
Playing at: Joe’s Pub
(425 Lafayette St., East Village)
Get: Tickets ($15) | Directions

I’m not going to say we said it first, but Afro-Colombian music is the new Afro-Brazilian music. With a staggering cultural and geographical diversity, the country once famous for political violence is finally getting its due for having some of the most hip-shattering array of traditional music styles in the Americas. Alejo Aponte is yet another singer-songwriter drawing on black roots in Colombia to craft a new musical paradigm for the country. This track, “La Fruta,” doesn’t hit as hard as you might hear from other bands (Bomba Estereo, Sistema Solar), but the repeating bass drum beat is hypnotic, and Aponte’s voice never strays from sweet.


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