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In Studio: Zlatne Uste

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Way before it became a major thread on the downtown music scene, the band Zlatne Uste has been playing Balkan Brass Band music. The band’s big annual celebration of Balkan music is coming up and we’ll hear some high-octane performances in the studio.


Zlatne Uste

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jenneine lambert from Naples, Florida

please, what is the name of the slow song that opened the radio interview? love it I've been searching your albums trying to find it, I may have lent that CD to someone.

Mar. 14 2011 05:40 PM
Emerson Hawley from Brooklyn

One theory is that Klezmer and Balkan music both relate back to Turkish music. The Turks were present in the general area for 800 years or so.

Jan. 13 2011 02:32 PM
Gregory C. Frumin from PreGoldenFestivalEuphoria

Hey ZU, Groucho loves Bass Truba too!

Jan. 12 2011 10:33 PM
peace dwayne from prospect heights bk

great show,
i was wondering if the beautiful balkan tunes we are hearing today relate at all in structure or origin to yiddish klezmer music.

thanks so much for the great show!

Jan. 12 2011 02:54 PM

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