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Ear Wars: A Ringing In The Ears

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Millions suffer from it, but there is no known cure. Today, Soundcheck's Ear Wars series continues with a look at a most baffling disorder: tinnitus. A doctor of otology explains the causes and treatment, and musicians tell us how they've worked through the ringing in their ears. Plus: A conversation with Portland band The Decemberists.

Ear Wars: Tinnitus

Millions of Americans suffer from the condition called tinnitus. It begins with a ringing or swishing sound that just won’t go away -- and in nearly all cases, the person with tinnitus is the only one who can hear the noise. The causes are not certain, and the treatment is sometimes experimental. Dr. Neil Sperling of the New York Otolaryngology Group joins us to explain the why and how of tinnitus. And: musicians -- including composer Neil Rolnick and Mission of Burma guitarist Roger Miller -- explain how they've worked through the hurdle of hearing loss.

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In Conversation: The Decemberists

Portland band The Decemberists traveled back to a simpler time this year. They retreated to an Oregon barn to record “The King Is Dead,” a new album that swaps the band’s English folk influences for American ones. Singer/songwriter Colin Meloy and guitarist Chris Funk join us in studio for a conversation about the new release.

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My Tinnitus Scare

John Schaefer finds that tinnitus isn't just ringing in the ears...

Gig Alert: Kneebody

Kneebody, purveyors of offbeat, genre-crossing instrumental jazz, kicks off a Southpaw residency tonight. Download "Call" here.

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