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Gig Alert: Rasputina

Friday, February 25, 2011

"Holocaust of Giants"
Playing SATURDAY at: Highline Ballroom
(431 W. 16th St., Chelsea, Manhattan)
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Rasputina stands out in the indie rock world thanks to two fierce cellos and random jingling percussion instruments. Bandleader and singer Melora Creager cut her cello chops playing with groups around New York in the '90s. She also toured with Nirvana before releasing her first album with the all-girl trio Rasputina in 1996. In her potent and sharp-edged croon, Creager sings about fantastical topics ranging from Victorian fashion to early American portraiture, while backed by rhythmic, pulsating cello arrangements. “Holocaust of Giants” comes from Rasputina’s latest release, Sister Kinderhook (2010). The song, which is about a race of giants living in the Northern Hemisphere 10,000 years ago who slaughtered each other in a meaningless war, proves that there’s more to sing about than just love and heartbreak.


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