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Gig Alerts: Axis Trio

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Every weekday, we're offering downloadable songs from artists playing in the New York City area that night. Here's one from three guys who are challenging the notion of how a jazz trio should sound.


Axis Trio
Playing at: Korzo
(667 5th Ave., Park Slope)
Get: Tickets ($10 at door) | Directions

If the members of Radiohead ever laid down some jazz tracks, they might sound a lot like this new cut from Axis Trio's upcoming album. Citing varied musical interests (such as Stravinsky and Aphex Twin) and cultural influences (the members come from Pakistan, Morocco and Iran), the group expands the traditional jazz trio of piano, drums and bass to include and unnamed fourth member -- the laptop. The result, on this piece, is a dramatic combination of Kid A-esque electronic blips and sighs, romantic piano, crashing percussion and funky, hyper bass -- a memorable and successful blend.


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