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Hey, Lord Satan, Supper’s Ready

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Annick Giroux’s book, “Hellbent For Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook,” does not have a recipe for Angel’s Food Cake.  Are you surprised?  Annick asked members of lots of her favorite headbanging, ear-pinning metal bands to contribute recipes, and the results will surprise you.  

Maybe not the recipe for Bull’s Testicle Surprise, which is the sort of thing you might expect from a heavy metal band, but a lot of the recipes she got were pretty sophisticated, and look quite tempting.

But maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise.  Musicians in general seem to do well in the kitchen; maybe it’s a reaction to being on the road and eating poorly so much.  Or maybe the creative juices, once they get flowing, can be channeled into things like Habanero Gyudon or Speed Metal Vegan Tofu.  Whatever the reason, many musicians can more than hold their own when given the chance to cook a real meal.  And of course, it’s not restricted to heavy metal musicians. 

If classical music has an equivalent to metal bands like Anthrax or Possessed, it may well be the composer Robert Moran, who has referred to some of his works as “tanks.”  One of the most popular editions of my nighttime show, “New Sounds,” is the time Moran came to my kitchen to prepare an Indian meal.  Obstacles appeared and were overcome; arguments were settled (unfairly, I maintain); music was played; and eventually, a meal was prepared and enjoyed.  All of it on the air.   Was this music?  Well, the late composer John Cage, an important influence on Moran, once wrote a piece called 0’0” which consisted of him pureeing veggies in a blender and then drinking the result – all the sounds being amplified for the delectation of the audience.  So we just claimed that our shenanigans were actually a variation on Cage’s theme. 

If, as Shakespeare wrote, “music be the food of love,” than all these musicians in kitchens suggests that, maybe, a love of food is somehow musical. 

Tell us: Have you ever tried a recipe from a musician’s blog or website? If you’re a musician, do you have a favorite dish you like to make?


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