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No Cover: The Yummy Fur

Monday, January 25, 2010

Scotland's The Yummy Fur gave birth to one of the biggest bands in rock today, Franz Ferdinand. But the cult band from Glasgow had plenty of fervent fans during their run from 1992-1999. With a 'best of' album coming out soon on Brooklyn's What's Yr Rupture record label, they recently reunited for a few U.S. shows, including a night at Bushwick's Market Hotel. Stream the (somewhat) historic show here.

Before You Press Play

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

The Facts: Lead singer and guitarist John McKeown started the Yummy Furs in 1992, but the band didn't release any recorded material until 1995. That's when legendary BBC 1 radio DJ John Peel caught wind of their melodic post-punk. In 1997, Paul Thomson took over drums, and a year later Alex (Kapranos) Huntley joined on guitar. When the Yummy Fur broke up in 1999, those two went on to start Franz Ferdinand in 2002. Thomson joined McKeown for this short U.S. tour, along with longtime guitarist Brian McDougall and bassist Paul Kearney.

The Sound: Rough, angular pop songs with a sense of humor and a Scottish accent. 

Latest Release: Piggy Wings, a 'best of' compilation, is expected out April 20 on What's Yr Rupture.

The Setlist:

1. “Career Saver”
2. “Kirsty Cooper”
3. “In the Company of Woman”
4. “St John of the Cross”
5. “Sexy World”
6. “Films”
7. “Cryptdang”
8. “Kodak Nancy Europe”
9. “Department”
10. “The Canadian Flag”
11. “Roxy Girls”
12 . “Plastic Cowboy”
13. “Policeman”
14. “Chinese Bookie”
15. “Shoot the Ridiculant”

Encore: “Documentary of a Kid/Deathclub”


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Fantastic! Thanks for this.

Jan. 28 2010 05:29 PM
sharon from Brooklyn, NY

Very cool.

Jan. 28 2010 05:12 PM

Like it!

Jan. 28 2010 05:09 PM

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