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Gig Alert: Hess Is More

Friday, June 03, 2011

Hess Is More
Creation Keeps The Devil Away"
Playing Sunday night at Nublu
(62 Ave. C, L.E.S.)
Info: Tickets | Directions

The Danish musician Mikkel Hess, who is the man behind the group Hess Is More, blends jazz, folk, disco, indie and dance music with a cinematic sense of humor on his forthcoming album Creation Keeps The Devil Away. Although he was schooled by the legendary jazz drummer Ed Thigpen at The Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen, Hess has also scored films and multimedia projects over the course of his ten-year musical career.

"If you think of a piece of music as a rubberband, I like to try and stretch it,” said Hess. β€œLet's say melancholy in one end and humor in the other, and see how far you can take it.”

Hess' cinematic scale takes shape on Sunday night at Nublu. A full seven-piece band will join him onstage. Listen closely for the ghoulish soundtrack laughter at 1:50 on "Creation Keeps The Devil Away," which is available for download above.


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