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Year to Remember: More Listener Comments

Friday, June 10, 2011

All this week, we've asked our guests and musicians to give us a single important year in music history -  but our listeners have been weighing in with their own picks too. Yesterday, we shared some of your choices for your Year to Remember and today we've received even more.

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Anne F. from South Orange, NJ

I don't have a year to nominate, but I have loved this series. I found myself nodding at the nomination of 1984--but of course I would--how could I NOT love the music of my own senior year in h.s. The 'best' year has so much to do with where I was--in this case, driving around Seattle in a big Checker--like the old cabs, but our family car--waiting for "When Doves Cry" to come on KFox so I could blast it out the windows.

Jun. 10 2011 02:39 PM
ted in atlanta from an airconditioned space

Well I kept meaning to call in and leave my comment, which is... 1980. It was a wild new frontier with albums by Adam Ant, U2, Talking Heads, The (English) Beat, and B52's that sounded like nothing I had ever heard. Of course that was just my personal take on the range of things I'm familiar with... then after I made my list I realized that, yes, indeed I was 14 in 1980, too funny. Hey as a side note I am honored to be uncredited in your local rag today; "Hotlanta Fan" is my kitschy design concept.

Jun. 10 2011 02:07 PM

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