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Social Mixer: Doug Mosurock + Mr. Vacation

Friday, December 04, 2009

I've been running a monthly party at Brooklyn bars with my friend Mr. Vacation since 2004. We call it Cockfight, and you can check out a special two-hour sample of our jams below.

Tired of playing in clubs where we felt confined by requests and constraints from staff and patrons alike, we have built a dedicated following playing exactly what we want: heavy and progressive rock, funk & soul, power pop, punk, tropicalia, breaks, and everything else that fits, exclusively from vinyl.

Recorded live, this '70s-centric mix is dedicated to the late, great Jerry Fuchs, who guest DJed with the Cockfight crew more times than anyone over the years.

Check out the next Cockfight at Daddy's (437 Graham Ave., Williamsburg) on Friday, December 18.






The Set List

1. Ghost - "Sun is Tangging"
2. Novos Baianos - "Baby Consuelo"
3. Soft Machine - "As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still"
4. Emerson Lake & Palmer - "The Sheriff"
5. Atomic Rooster - "Tomorrow Night"
6. Flo & Eddie - "I’ve Been Born Again"
7. Jimi Hendrix - "Freedom"
8. Little Barrie - "Buy My Style"
9. Rare Earth - "I Know I’m Losing You"
10. Parliament - "Moonshine Heather"
11. The Small Faces - "Talk to You"
12. Milt Grayson & the Mystery Guests -
"Right On, Right On, Right On"
13. Can - "Future Days"
14. Gene Clark - "No Other"
15. Larry Coryell - "Souls Dirge"
16. Linda Hoyle - "Pieces of Me"
17. Socrates Drank the Conium - "Naked Trees"
18. Manfred Mann Chapter III - "One Way Glass"
19. Thin Lizzy - "Return of the Father’s Son"

20. Jeronimo - "Blind Man"
21. Free - "Songs of Yesterday"
22. Michael Rother - "Feuerland"
23. Jacques Dutronc - "Les Metamorphoses"
24. The Rolling Stones - "Child of the Moon"
25. Zebra - "Je Vais Me Marier"
26. Gal Costa - "Cultural Civilação"
27. Paul Nicholas - "Lamplighter"
28. Luiz Kelley Betinho - "Vida Torta"
29. Gilberto Gil - "Cerebro Eletronico"
30. Tucky Buzzard - "Time Will Be Your Doctor"
31. Steppenwolf - "The Night Time’s For You"
32. Dust - "Love Me Hard"
33. Granicus - "Bad Talk"
34. The Scorpions - "Hell Cat"
35. The Groundhogs - "Strange Town"
36. Jasper Wrath - "Did You Know That?"
37. Interlude/T.U.M.E. - "One on One"
38. Atlantis - "Let’s Get On the Road Again"
39. The Osmonds - "Gotta Get Love"


Doug Mosurock


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kim from bed-stuy

ahhh yeah, this is my kind of random! I hate that I have a scheduling conflict on 12/18 or I'd certainly be checking the show at Daddy's.

keep it flowing, y'all.

Dec. 04 2009 01:40 PM

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