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Gig Alerts: Choir of Young Believers

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Choir of Young Believers
Playing at: Pianos
(158 Ludlow St., L.E.S.)
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Choir of Young Believers is the Danish polyphonic indie pop project spearheaded by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Jannis Joya Makrigiannis. He is, in fact, the only constant in COYB, as the rest of the collective is made up of a rotating cast of musicians (in performances, Makrigiannis has performed in outfits as small as a duo and as large as an octet). Makrigiannis' morph-happy collective has achieved much success in Denmark with their sprawling orchestral pop sound, and last year COYB released their debut album stateside. "Action/Reaction," the first single from that record, revels in anthemic ethereality with soaring voices and grand arrangements.

Download Choir of Young Believers' Action/Reaction at Other Music


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