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Social Mixer: Kim Ann Foxman

Thursday, April 01, 2010

This week, Kim Ann Foxman of Hercules and Love Affair offers a selection of her favorite house and techno jams.

Before You Press Play

If you're clued in to New York's queer nightlife scene, you might have crossed paths with Kim Ann Foxman during her years as a DJ, cult tastemaker, and sometime jewelry designer. But in 2008, she made a sudden upgrade to crazy-famous as a member of Hercules and Love Affair, whose self-titled debut found its way onto countless year end lists. Foxman slid comfortably into her role as the vocal muscle for producer Andrew Butler's sweaty alt-disco atmospherics, but she hasn't forgotten where she came from. This spring, as HALA readies a new album and a summer mega-tour, Foxman can be found toting her favorite house records across Europe, playing guest DJ gigs in Cologne, Brussels, Barcelona and elsewhere.

The Sound: What Foxman insistenly refers to as "classic aesthetic" dance music, tending toward the dark, hypnotic sides of techno, disco, and acid house.

A Word from the Artist:  "I chose to feature a mixture of some classic house jams and some current stuff that references that classic sound. I always love the feeling of nostalgia." –Kim Ann Foxman

The Setlist:

Todd Terry - "Razen Theme"
Jazzy - "Lonely" (Underground Goodie Mix)
Workin' Happily / Cajmere - "Feel It" (Underground Goodie Mix)
Hercules and Love Affair - "I Cant Wait" (KINK mix)
Foremost Poets - "Reasons To Be Dismal"
Faze Action - "I Wanna Dancer" (Old School House Extended 12" Mix)
CLS - "Can You Feel It" (In-House Dub)
Scrappy - "Freeze"
Kevin Saunderson - "Ahnongay"
Precious System - "Voices from the Planet Love"
Slam - "Positive Education"
Mickey Oliver - "In-Ten-Si-Ti"
Kiki - "Good Voodoo" (Visionquest Remix)
Grace Jones - "Love On Top Of Love" (C+C Garage House Mix)


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