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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In 2011, Adele dominated Billboard charts – and karaoke joints. According to a survey by a British market-research group, one in four karaoke singers sang an Adele hit last year. Today, we ask the ever important question: Is Adele good karaoke? Plus, more news and trends from the karaoke front with writer Brian Raftery and NYC Karaoke League founder Cullen Shaw.


Brian Raftery and Cullen Shaw

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Mike from Soho NY

Justin, it's Baby Grand, 161 Lafayette St @ Grand near Canal Stations... Didn't say on-air because it's really small and not your normal karaoke experience (prob love or hate it!).

Jan. 24 2012 03:07 PM
mark from NJ

As an active amateur musician and member of several bands (covers and originals), I have mixed feelings. I would hope that there's room for everyone to have their creative / performance moment, at whatever level, but I worry, long term, about the diminishing pool of venues, audience attention, and $$$ for creators of original content. Too much karaoke, and we have nothing but a giant echo chamber, repeating the same old stuff. I also have to agree with PopeJon -- if you're devoted and even moderately talented, you should be in band, and deal with all the associated commitments and hassles (not the least of which -- your band mates) for what is ultimately a much richer experience. I can also sympathize with those who don't have the time, energy, talent, or milieu to pursue a band situation. For them, karaoke maybe the only alternative to singing in the shower.

Jan. 24 2012 02:47 PM

Hey, there was a guy who called in on the phone who was the owner of a karaoke place in Soho (NYC) that's more communal than competitive but didn't say the name. Can someone post the name and location? It sounds like a nice unique Karaoke venue. I'm very very curious.

For another friendly recommendation on a supportive karaoke bar, Japas 55 near Columbus Circle. Best to go early in the evening, happy hour to 10p, to catch earnest singers versus the smashed belters that appear late night.

Jan. 24 2012 02:46 PM
Maria from Northport from Northport, NY

I like to have FUN when I sing so do "My Boyfriend's Back" -- a song you don't have to be a great singer to sing, and people have fun watching you have fun : )
I also recommend a book "Karaoke Jungle - The Singer's Almanac" if you really want to have some fun with picking out songs and drinks to go along with them. there's 1000 popular song reviews, indexed by 24 astrological signs, 20 types of spirits, over 200 genres of music spanning a full century and by over 600 performing artists. check it out!

Jan. 24 2012 02:44 PM
Raylene from NY, NY

We discovered karaoke as cheap communal therapy full of shared musical nostalgia...and then quit our jobs to open up a karaoke bar here in NY! It's been a phenomenal experience joining others through song, though our throats have paid the price.

Jan. 24 2012 02:42 PM
seth from Maplewood, New Jersy

1992- Woodies Roadhouse in Becket MA - Motley Crue, Dr Feelgood- Thought it went well untill i heard the recording.

several years back at Arlene Grocery doing the heavy Metal Karaoke with the live band behind me anbd a HUGE crowd in front- Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls... I don't recommend having several vodka tonics before hand to calm your nerves- especially if the lyrics are not provided... I got the first verse, chorus, then blanked on the rest.

still love it though. Oh yeah, and i have a horrible voice- especially for imitating Vince Niel and Freddy Mercury.

Jan. 24 2012 02:36 PM
b from bk

People its pronounced, Karaoke -Kara okay -- Kah rah okay


this drives me nuts...

Jan. 24 2012 02:36 PM
John from Brooklyn

Thank goodness for the speak-sing prowess of Grace Jones, or else I'd be left friendless at karaoke.

Jan. 24 2012 02:33 PM
Susy from Manhattan

My personal favorite is Under Pressure - the duet with Bowie and Freddie Mercury. I like to sing both parts.

Jan. 24 2012 02:23 PM
PopeJon from Ridge, NY

Here's an idea, join a band or start a band. There's nothing like playing with live instruments. Even if you are cover band, you'll still get way more out of it then singing to a karaoke machine....

Jan. 24 2012 02:22 PM
Rochelle from shore

New Year's Eve at the Asbury Lanes they hosted Punk Karaoke. You sing with a Live band -- who was excellent (and would sing back-up or fill for you). They has a roster of say 50 "classic punk" song circa 70-80s. Good singers had great stage presence & bad singers were fine because it was PUNK!!

Jan. 24 2012 02:21 PM

you guys should date air guitar people,seems like a sympathetic gene pool...

Jan. 24 2012 02:19 PM
Darren in NJ from The Garden State

I've garnered a decent audience response, singing "Kung Fu Fighting", after introducing it very reverently as the song my grandmother used to sing me to sleep with when I was a young boy.

Jan. 24 2012 02:19 PM
Cate from Brooklyn

Ironically or not, it's Neil Diamond's birthday today ... & Sweet Caroline is still the song I've heard Karaoke'd most (deservedly, I should add - it's a fantastic tune). There's a sense of nostalgia covering Diamond's work, as well as discovery for those who weren't there in the 70s during his heyday.

Jan. 24 2012 02:18 PM
Rakabash from Detroit

I went to a club in New York where the club hosted Hip-Hop Karaoke and it was cool to see my favorite rap songs like "Keep Ya Head Up" by 2pac and "It Aint Hard 2 Tell" by Nas performed passionately and with precision by fellow rap afficionados. Regular karaoke is too campy for me, I can't sing so rap is better for me.

Jan. 24 2012 02:16 PM
Steve from Manhattan

Seriously? You guys are playing people singing karaoke on this show?
Time to check out Morning Becomes Eclectic for the next hour. See you for tomorrow's show....

Jan. 24 2012 02:11 PM
Jeremy Shatan from NYC

I had never done karaoke before I began attending a retreat for bereaved families at Camp Sunshine about 5 years ago. While the fact that it's a dry campus made it somewhat daunting, I gave it a try and had a blast. I now have a signature song - Led Zeppelin's Rock And Roll - and I love seeing the expressions of the faces of the new families as all of their preconceptions about me fall away in the face of my fairly animated and gruff-voiced performance. I've played around with other songs (I've Been Down So Goddamned Long by The Doors works out pretty well) but will always come back to Zep.

Jan. 24 2012 01:38 PM

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