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Philip Glass at 75

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Philip Glass might be the most popular classical music composer of our time.  Sure, he changed the way we think of the words “opera” and “classical composer.” But he’s also been courted by Hollywood, parodied on “South Park,” and used as an answer on “Jeopardy.”  Philip Glass turns 75 today, and he spends part of his birthday with us, including a peek at his newest recording, the Symphony #9.

Tune in to WQXR for a premiere webcast of the Symphony No. 9 on January 31, 2012 at 4 pm. More information here.

Philip Glass, John Schaefer... and Cookie Puss.


Philip Glass

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Linda Griggs from LES

Thank you for answering my question. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Feb. 01 2012 08:24 AM
Paula Brochu from New York, NY

Mr. Glass was a lot of fun at Le Poisson Rouge the other night for his early 75th birthday party. He said, "I really wasn't looking forward to going to this party. But I'm really glad I came (laughter). Who knew turning 75 would be so fun!"

There was great music, so many accomplished and close musician friends... His son, Zack, played and sang a couple of songs. Mr. Glass was surrounded by family and loved ones. His youngest sons presented him a smaller cake, and the larger cake was covered with edible scans of his actual scores -- made by CakeBoss. It was a lovely evening. I'm glad we could be a part of it.

Tonight, the concert at Carnegie was great.

Feb. 01 2012 12:37 AM

I caught "Mishima" on the last week of its run at an Upper East Side theatre; it wasn't a big hit, and there weren't many others in the house, maybe 25-30.

At the end of the movie, the usual long list of tech credits came scrolling by, almost all Japanese names, accompanied by the Philip Glass score.

At some point I realized that absolutely NO ONE in the audience had gotten up to leave. Mesmerized, no one had moved, we were just letting the unintelligible word-patterns and music wash over us in the dark.

Finally, at the very very end, some 5" later, the film credits ended, the screen went blank and the music stopped.

Then, slowly, silently, we rose and exited, reluctant, holding onto the spell as long as possible, drawing it out even while leaving.

I've never seen such a thing happen in a movie.

Jan. 31 2012 02:52 PM

I often celebrate a composer's birthday by singing his work that night at Karaoke. There is a dearth of Phillip Glass in the Karaoke world. But here are the Roaches:

Jan. 31 2012 02:44 PM

Is that the way Philip Glass hears Dylan in his mind! Wonderful. Happy Birthday.

Jan. 31 2012 02:34 PM
Wayne Johnson Ph.D. from Bk

Thank you for Satyagraha and for the speech you gave to Occupy Wall Street protestors who greeted you and the audience after a performance in November. Happy Birthday.

Jan. 31 2012 02:32 PM
Laura from Cold spring

Do I hear a similarity with a theme in his Orion series? We love to listen to glass's Orion (which isson's name) on dark winter nights.

Laura from cold spring

Jan. 31 2012 02:26 PM
Harley from Queens, NY

1983 I was 13 or so and my father, who had the most diverse musical tastes of anyone I know, said "I want you to listen to this". He cues up Philip Glass's The Photogrpaher on the turntable and I have been a fan ever since. Something just resonated with me at the time and has stuck with me ever since. Thank you Mr. Glass for opening my musical eyes.

Jan. 31 2012 02:24 PM
Antonio from Mexico City

I just have to say I'm honored to have my Low symphony signed by Mr. Glass, when he visited Mexico City during the early 90's. My first introduction to Brian Eno, David Bowie and concrete music.

His film works and music still amaze me. Happy Birthday Mr. Glass

Jan. 31 2012 02:23 PM

Thank you for the wonderful, life-changing music, happy birthday!

Jan. 31 2012 02:22 PM
Leah from South Harlem

Happy Birthday, Philip Glass! I seem to remember hearing you say something, on a radio interview years ago (not sure where, but I can't find it), about how "the music is just the stuff you listen to while you're listening to the music." Did you say something like that -- and/or would you, today?

Jan. 31 2012 02:22 PM
Daniel from NYC

I'd love if Philip would talk about composing koyaanisqatsi. That film has haunted me since commingled viewing with "psychotropic experimentation" back in high school.

Jan. 31 2012 02:22 PM
art525 from Park Slope

The Dylan "Don't Think Twice" Is awful. It sounds like a drunken Jewish wedding band.

Jan. 31 2012 02:19 PM

haydn,must have had cat blood,with all the symphonies that he wrote.

Jan. 31 2012 02:12 PM

don't people get tired of getting old? it seems like 70 was yesterday. happy 3rd quarter of a century mr glass.

Jan. 31 2012 10:53 AM

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