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The Hunger Games: Sounds of Dystopia

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fans of "The Hunger Games" are lining up to see the movie as it opens tonight. But the soundtrack to the film has already been selling like hotcakes. Today: a review of the star-studded album…and more music inspired by dismal predictions for the future. Plus, a live performance from North Carolina folk band, Bowerbirds.

The Hunger Games: Dystopian Soundtrack

The much-anticipated sci-fi movie “The Hunger Games” comes out in theaters today, but the soundtrack to the film has been selling like gangbusters since Tuesday. Music journalist Joe Levy gives us his review of the star-studded album, which was produced by T-Bone Burnett. Plus, we open the phones to talk about great music inspired by dismal predictions of life in the future.

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Bowerbirds: In Studio

Ornithologists will tell you that bowerbirds are known for their unusual courting behaviors – which includes building complex and brightly colored structures to attract mates. On their latest record, the North Carolina band Bowerbirds takes inspiration from their namesake, layering onto a base of vocals and guitars plenty of strings, brass and electronics. The result is the album “The Clearing” – and the band joins us to play some of it live.


Songs for a Future We Hope to Never See

Great songs for terrible futures

Accordions And Prison Music - a followup

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Gig Alert: Filastine

Producer and percussionist Filastine performs with Ott at Highline Ballroom on Friday night. Download the global beatsmith's track "Shanty Tones."