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Suzanne Vega and Duncan Sheik: In Studio

Monday, April 09, 2012

The 1980s play a special role in the careers of songwriters (and friends) Suzanne Vega and Duncan Sheik. Vega scored a breakout hit in 1987 with “Luka.” Last year, Sheik paid tribute to music of that era with an album called “Covers 80s.” As they head out on a spring tour together, Vega and Sheik join us to play live in our studio.

Suzanne Vega and Duncan Sheik will perform at the Highline Ballroom on April 25 and April 26 at 8pm. For tickets and info, click here


Duncan Sheik and Suzanne Vega

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Darlene from Tennessee

I love Suzanne Vega and my daughter loves Duncan Sheik. A wonderful pair bridging generations!

Apr. 09 2012 11:08 PM
Julie from Alaska

Found this on Facebook via Duncans' page...Love Suzanne Vega, Love Duncan Sheik...So happy to see something with the both of you!! Can't wait!

Apr. 09 2012 06:37 PM
Robots Need to Party from NYC

Thanks to both your guests today. That was great. I wish them well on their tour.

Apr. 09 2012 02:49 PM
John A.

Wrong page, guys.

I think I used to listen to the "American Mavericks" program on WNYC just to hear Suzanne's voice. Sounds like instant friendship.

Apr. 09 2012 02:49 PM
JFreely from NYC

Also I think David Bowie was the king of influence with his deep, echo-y vocals, that informed so many of the singers from the Thompson Twins to Annie Lennox vocals.

Apr. 09 2012 02:24 PM
JFreely from NYC

Hearing West End Boys brings my London memories alive to me having lived there that very year -- what a great time to be young and in London it! 1986 was fabulous and the 80s were the last original decade in fashion and music. Since then it's been nothing but retro 60s and 70s.

Apr. 09 2012 02:21 PM

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