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Meet the Schaefer Reaction Simulator

Friday, August 10, 2012

While the host is away, the producers will play. Senior producer Joel Meyer and associate producer Katie Bishop introduce the world to the Soundcheck 5000 - a highly intelligent public radio robot (who can also be found on Twitter: @soundcheck5000). 

In addition to irresistible sass and semi-sentience, the machine also has a feature called the "Schaefer Reaction Simulator." Simply play it some music, and it approximates what host John Schaefer's reaction would be. Oh, the power of technology.

Since John has been out on vacation for two weeks, Joel and Katie play five pieces of brand new music for the highly scientific Schaefer Reaction Simulator to gauge their host's reaction. Listen to the podcast to find out what the robot's response was to each one - and check out the full songs below. 


Song #1: Snoop Lion - La La La 

Song #2: Rick Ross - Hold Me Back (from God Forgives, I Don't)

Song #3: Aaliyah feat. Drake - Enough Said

Song #4: Reptile Youth - Black Swan Born White

Song #4: The Tallis Scholars - Spem in Alium (from Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album

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Ted in Atlanta from Planet Claire

See, my take on it is NOT that there is not really a Soundcheck 5000; consider this- has anyone ever seen John in the same room with, for example... the Curiosity Mars Rover? After hearing the Soundcheck 5000 I think it's clear a notion of some "real" John must be an elaborate hoax.

Aug. 14 2012 05:58 AM

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