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UMG, EMI... Oh My!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Beatles in 1964. Their catalog has changed hands from EMI to UMG. (wikimedia commons)

Last week, the number of major record labels dropped from four to three. News spread on Friday that Universal Music Group (UMG) received approval from industry regulators to take over EMI Music, home to acts like Coldplay and David Guetta, and the Beatles catalogue. Billboard editor Joe Levy joins us to explain what's happened, and what it means for you.


Joe Levy

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DH Bennett from Chelsea

I think anything that decreases the number of bodies working in the music business is prob not good for the music business.... That said, as a musician myself, I often wonder about the effects of internet "democratization" if you will. When I was a kid in the early-mid 90's there was a sizeable wall between "Known" bands and "Underground" bands. That wall was essential the major record company machine. The only way to surmount the wall were gigs, college radio, and print media. Now there are a lot of Known bands who presume they should have a career, but I'm less than convinced they've done the work to warrant it.

Sep. 25 2012 06:11 PM

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