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No Cover: Jenny Scheinman

Friday, January 15, 2010

When she isn't touring the world, Jenny Scheinman is the house act every Tuesday at Barbès. You can stream this week's set in its entirety right here.

Before You Press Play

Hometown: Petrolia, CA

The Facts: Jenny Scheinman grew up on the outskirts of civilzation, in the tiny costal town of Petrolia, California. But where music is concerned, the singer/violinist/composer quickly fell in with the cool kids – Scheinman counts Linda Perry, Norah Jones, Bill Frisell and Sean Lennon among her long list of collaborators. Now based in Brooklyn, she boasts six solo albums, nods from the likes of Rolling Stone and The New York Times, and, of course, a weekly residency in the heart of Park Slope.

The Sound:
An Americana singer wielding a jazz violin, equally confident in both arenas.

Latest Release: Jenny Scheinman (2008) on Koch Records

He Said, She Said: "Maybe it's her clear-eyed approach to whatever she's playing that makes Scheinman's genre-blurring repertoire feel so seamless and of a piece. Blood ties are the glue on the new album, where the covers are songs she learned as a girl from her parents and the originals are unflinching family portraits." – Joan Anderman, Boston Globe

"Though making a vocal record is a dream most instrumentalists cherish, few can pull it off with the style and panache that Jenny Scheinman shows here. The key is that she has wisely stacked the deck in her favor by choosing material that suits her voice and singing style. The violinist turned vocalist has given herself, if not a new career, then a much wider and more accomplished one." – Robert Baird, Stereophile


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