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Putting The 'Indie' In Indian Cuisine

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The cast of the film Dosa Hunt. The cast of the film Dosa Hunt, from left to right: Anand Wilder, Ashok Kondabolu, Amrit Singh, Vijay Iyer, Alan Palomo, Rostam Batmanglij, Himanshu Suri.

Back in 2010, Rostam Batmanglij of the indie band Vampire Weekend innocently tweeted: "Eating a dosa." Little did he know that those three words about a South Indian crepe would launch an online debate and, ultimately, inspire a short film, Dosa Hunt.

The film is the work of Stereogum executive editor Amrit Singh and documents his quest with six indie musicians -- Batmanglij, Anand Wilder (Yeasayer), jazz pianist Vijay Iyer, Alan Palomo (Neon Indian), and Das Rascist's Ashok Kondabolu and Himanshu Suri -- to seek out the best dosa in New York City.

Singh and Wilder joined us in the studio to explain "drumsticks" in an Indian culinary context, to talk about the growing community of multi-cultural indie musicians, and to share what happens when Jack cheese and arugula end up inside of this traditional South Indian dish. 



Amrit Singh and Anand Wilder

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