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Whiskey Talk: Distilling The Strong Stuff In Brooklyn

The return of our occasional series where we pair something fun to drink with music.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Whiskey made by Kings County Distillery (Kings County Distillery)

Today, we return to our occasional series where we pair something fun to drink with music. Our latest installment is all about the strong stuff -- whiskey. We invite Colin Spoelman, the master distiller from the award-winning Kings County Distillery to join us. He brings a playlist of songs about drinking to our studio, which you can hear below, and some whiskey too. For that, you're on your own - Cheers!


Colin Spoelman

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Brooklyn Hillbilly from BROOKLYN

WNYC should really do a little research BEFORE it gives airtime to an untruth. What these guys make is NOT moonshine. That's a fact. If you want to try the closest legal thing to moonshine taste Everclear's 190 proof Corn/Grain alcohol-- not 80 proof inmature "whisky" (alcohol). It's quite a clever marketing technique (to idiots) to peddle 80 proof raw alcohol as "moonshine". One partner claims to be from Kentucky but has no familial or historical link to moonshine whatsoever. The other partner (I believe an architect-- what would a real moonshiner think of that?) now says he has just (how useful) discovered he had a relative who supported himself making alcohol in NYC during the Depression. I grew up in the Pine Barens of South Jersey with some real hillbillies and if they met these guys they'd probably laugh and then beat the heck out of them for profiting on the shoulders of real moonshiners. I live in and love Brooklyn but Hipsters are the biggest co-opting hucksters I have ever come across. They used to say if the Japanese ever had an original idea (because they were wonderful at copying and re-engineering. At least they improved and didn't pose) their heads would expolode-- that applies doubly to hipsters.

Aug. 09 2013 11:00 PM
J. Brooklyn from Brooklyn - the real one

I hate this poser hipster company and their fake whiskey. What they think is cute, naming their company Kings County Distillery, is really just more of these twee, lame hipster co-opting the Brooklyn brand for themselves. This is so upsetting, and their whiskey is not real whiskey, it should have a different name. "Out of Town children pretending to be authentic"

Dec. 04 2012 10:38 PM

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