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Jenn Grant's Haunting New Album Hits The United States

The Canadian singer-songwriter plays songs from 'The Beautiful Wild'

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jenn Grant performs in the Soundcheck studio. Jenn Grant performs in the Soundcheck studio. (Michael Katzif / WNYC)

Canadian singer and guitarist Jenn Grant has been turning heads in her home country of for a few years now. Her 2011 album Honeymoon Punch was nominated for a Juno award – Canada’s version of the Grammys. Now, she’s hoping to make a mark for herself here in the States with her latest album, The Beautiful Wild.

The record, written by Grant and produced by her husband, Daniel Ledwell, retroactively became a tribute to Grant’s mother, who became very ill during the making of the album. She eventually passed away. After her mother’s death, songs like “The Fighter” were imbued with new meaning for Grant. “[The Fighter] was her favorite song,” Grant says. “I used to sing it to her a lot.”

In another tribute, Grant dug up an old recording of her mother and aunt, from the 1950s, and included it in the album. “My mom’s family,” Grant explains, “Used to talk to each others’ cousins in Ontario by sending tapes. And that’s one of the tapes.”

Perhaps it is from this side of the family that gave Grant her artistic talent not just as a musician, but a painter. Her work in visual arts also affects the way that she perceives her songwriting. “I don’t feel like I have really specific stories that go with my songs,” she says, “But I kind of see like a movie reel or like places, the sea, or the wind or something.”

Hear the band's session in the Soundcheck studio -- including performances of "The Fighter," "Michael" and "Hollywood."


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