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Malian Musicians Sing Out; Folk Legend Inspires Coen Brothers Film; Iceage In Studio

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In This Episode: the growing conflict in Mali has had an affect on the country’s vibrant music scene -- from festival cancellations to a complete ban on all forms of music in the northern portion of the nation. We hear recent songs that have been recorded as a form of protest, and we check in with a journalist who was recently there.

And, writer and historian Elijah Wald joins us to discuss co-authoring singer and guitarist Dave Van Ronk's memoir, The Mayor of MacDougal Street, which serves as the basis for the forthcoming Coen Brothers' movie, Inside Llewyn Davis.

Plus, the young Danish band Iceage plays a raw, punk set live in the studio.

Inside 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Elijah Wald talks about folk icon Dave Van Ronk, whose memoir served as source material for the new Coen brothers film.


Malian Musicians Sing Out Against War And Censorship

The current conflict in Mali has had an affect on the country’s vibrant music scene -- from cancelled festivals to a complete ban on music in some parts of the country. Heather Maxwell, an ethnomusicologist, musician and host of Voice of America's Music Time in Africa and with freelance radio journalist Tamasin Ford join us to talk about how Malian musicians are coping.


Iceage Speaks Softly, Carries Big Sound

The Danish punk band Iceage just might set a new record for Soundcheck: shortest answers given in an interview ever. Hear history in the making, and a blistering performance in our studio. 


Nash FM is New York's new country music station.

Chat Live: Country Music Radio Parallel Play

Join us online at noon for a Parallel Play as we listen (and critique) New York's new country music station.


Check Ahead: Companion, 'Companion'

Playful art-pop you can sink into: that’s the sound of Brooklyn’s Companion. Stream the band's debut full length through its release on Feb. 5th.


Gig Alert: Cynthia Sayer

Virtuoso jazz banjoist Cynthia Sayer plays Joes Pub Tuesday night. Download the track "Ella Miriam's Blues"