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Malian Musicians Sing Out Against War And Censorship

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A group of Malian singers calling themselves Voices United for Mali, recording the song "Mali-ko." (YouTube)

The current conflict in Mali has had an affect on the country’s vibrant music scene -- from cancelled festivals to a complete ban on music in some parts of the country. Heather Maxwell, an ethnomusicologist, musician and host of Voice of America's Music Time in Africa and with freelance radio journalist Tamasin Ford join us to talk about how Malian musicians are coping.

Then, we listen to recent protest music coming out of the country, including the songs "Mali-ko" by a group of Malian musicians called Voices United For Mali, and "S.O.S." by the rapper Amkoullel. 


Tamasin Ford and Heather Maxwell

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