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Veronica Falls Goes Pop On 'Waiting For Something To Happen'

The moody British quartet embraces its lighter side on new album.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Veronica Falls performs in the Soundcheck studio. Veronica Falls performs in the Soundcheck studio. (Michael Katzif / WNYC)

British quartet Veronica Falls married the morbid with the sweet on their 2010 debut single, "Found Love in a Graveyard." Their latest release, Waiting for Something to Happen, has a bit less gothic and a bit more pop. “It’s kind of a more clean recording, I guess,” says guitarist and vocalist James Hoare. “But we weren’t intentionally going for that.”

Regardless of intent, Waiting for Something to Happen is a punchy and upbeat record that’s light as a feather. It’s that weightlessness that guitarist and vocalist Roxanne Clifford says makes the difference between the two albums.

“I think that some of the [songs from the first album] were a bit more direct and sort of primal, perhaps,” Clifford says. “And that’s because we played them a lot before we recorded them. So they’re very… in your face. And maybe the newer songs are slightly more subtle. They have more layers.”

Set List:

  • "Teenage"
  • "Bad Feeling"
  • "Waiting for Something to Happen"


Veronica Falls

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