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Callie Khouri's 'Nashville'; Ryan Keberle and Catharsis; Ex Cops at SXSW

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton star in the ABC country music drama 'Nashville' Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton star in the ABC country music drama 'Nashville' (ABC)

In this episode: Callie Khouri, the creator and executive producer of the TV drama Nashville, joins us to talk about the real-life country music that shapes much of her acclaimed show. And, we ask her about the rumors of a Nashville tour.  

Plus: The young New York trombonist and composer Ryan Keberle has played with Wynton Marsalis, Alicia Keys, and Sufjan Stevens -- just to name a few. His latest album is called Music Is Emotion, and he and his band, Catharsis, stop by our studio to perform some of it live.

And: Two SXSW follow-ups. We hear about a pair of mind-reading headphones that made an appearance at the festival's trade show down in Texas, last week (not kidding). And, we hear a performance by the Brooklyn indie-pop band Ex Cops -- recorded in a funky Austin bookstore.


      Ex Cops, Ryan Keberle and Callie Khouri

      'Nashville' Places Music Center Screen

      It’s more than just a compelling storyline that draws an audience to Nashville; what really seems to have made an impression is the series’ music.

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      Ryan Keberle Believes That 'Music Is Emotion'

      Ten years ago, trombone player Ryan Keberle was among the first graduates of Juilliard’s jazz studies program. Since then, he’s broadened his musical scope to include R&B and indie ro...


      Headphones That Read Your Mind

      Evolver.FM founder Eliot Van Buskirk joins us to talk about new brainwave-scanning headphones from the company Neurowear. The company brought a prototype of the futuristic headwear to the SXSW Trade Show last week in Austin, Texas -- and it caused quite a stir. We talk with Eliot about the capabilities and limits of the newfangled headphones, and talk about what could be coming down the pipeline next. 


      Ex Cops performs Friday at Farewell Books in Austin, Texas during South By Southwest.

      Ex Cops: Jangling Pop In A Bookstore

      Brooklyn band Ex Cops performs "Spring Break (Birthday Song)" in a funky Austin bookstore during South By Southwest.


      Gig Alert: Alt-J Concert Stream

      Tonight’s Gig Alert is a concert you can stream in your own home. Last week team Soundcheck was hard at work in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Festival. Among the goodies we brought back is an entire concert from the Mercury prize-winning British band Alt-J.

      To hear the band’s full set from South By Southwest, listen above. And, watch some video from the concert, below.