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STRFKR's Live Shows Still Feel Like A House Party

The indie dance band brings high energy live shows to as many moving bodies as will have them.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

STRFKR's newest album, 'Miracle Mile,' is out now. STRFKR's newest album, 'Miracle Mile,' is out now. (Courtesy of the artist)

The indie dance band known as STRFKR began as a solo project for multi-instrumentalist Josh Hodges -- who just wished he saw more dancing at shows in his home of Portland, Oregon. Over the last few years, the group has solidified into a collective, bringing high energy live shows to as many moving bodies as will have them. STRFKR’s newest album, Miracle Mile, is out now. We speak with Hodges and drummer Keil Corcoran, and the band plays live in the studio.


  1. “While I’m Alive”
  2. “Atlantis”
  3. “Leave It All Behind”

Corcoran, on the band’s more collaborative songwriting approach on Miracle Mile:  

Josh writes the bulk of most of the stuff, but we all came with our own ideas, and Patrick and I helped Josh finish some songs. We worked together.... Patrick’s got a really unique style of guitar playing. It’s just very rhythmic and kind of disco. We all kind of brought our own things to the table. I wrote a bassline or two. I like to write real funky basslines.

Hodges, on the beginnings of STRFKR, and naming the band:

This was what I did for fun in my basement — build dancy stuff and then play drums to it. That’s why I had the dumb name. I didn’t think it would be anything more than just a project to go play some house shows and then that would be it. It just kind of evolved into this. But also the idea, too, was that I wanted to show… people like me who are bored going to shows [that they can] dance if they liked the music. Or if they didn’t like to dance, it’s fully formed songs with choruses. They can listen to the music and stand in the corner.

Hodges, on how much he loves STRFKR’s fans:

We’re really lucky. We have awesome fans, and our shows are so fun. A lot of it is about our relationship with the fans at a live show. It started at house shows where we were all on the same level and most people can’t even see us unless you’re right up front. It just fells like one collective thing instead of a performance in the way that it normally is. We’re all there together. We’re all sweating and touching each other. And even though we’re playing big rooms now, it still has some of that left.



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carter sutherland from usa

Great interview! Josh has such a cool voice. Also, the last song is not leave it all behind, its "Sazed". Also off miracle mile!

Mar. 26 2013 09:15 PM

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