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Thao And The Get Down Stay Down: Playful And Reinvigorated

Watch the singer-songwriter perform two new songs -- "We The Common" and "City" in the Soundcheck studio.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thao Nguyen performs in the Soundcheck studio. Thao Nguyen performs in the Soundcheck studio. (Michael Katzif / WNYC)

Songwriter Thao Nguyen performs with one of the best band names in the business: Thao And The Get Down Stay Down. We The Common, the group's just-released new album -- and first since 2009's Know Better Learn Faster -- marks a turning point both in Nguyen's musical career and in her life.

During a hiatus from touring and recording with the band (Thao released a collaborative album with singer-songwriter Mirah in 2011), Nguyen spent time connecting with family and volunteering at a women's prison, where she met an inmate named Valerie Bolden. Bolden's story inspired the title track, one of three songs that Thao and her band played when they joined host John Schaefer for this in-studio performance and conversation in the Soundcheck studio. 



Set List: 

  • "Holy Roller"
  • "We the Common (for Valerie Bolden)"
  • "City" 


Thao Nguyen

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Dick Hughes from New York City

Thao than, Evening, March 28, 2013

How about a song for another disenfranchised group: VNese victims of Agent Orange? Red Cross estimates the current AO population around 3.000,000. We [] have been trying to bring attention to this tragedy to compel the USG to render assistance to AO victims. If you go to our site you can see a number of the victims and that may inspire you to write something? On one of the pages, dancer/choreographer Natalie Duong's "Agent Orang Dance Troupe" is featured. Five decades of suffering in VN since the AO defoliant was used [sprayed from 1961-71]. Fifteen illnesses, including cancers, recognized by the VA as AO-related but the USG refuses to ac-cept the very same maladies for VNese victims. Exactly the same & from the same toxin: dioxin, a by-product of "Agent Orange". One could almost call it a "Made in America" WMD. Hope you & your listeners/followers will check out the LCI site. That you will write an AO song.- Yrs., Dick Hughes [1968- 76 in VN; 2001 & 2007 return visits].

Mar. 28 2013 10:30 PM

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