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Creed from 'The Office;' Lady Live; When Accents Disappear

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nicole Wray and Terri Walker, who perform as Lady, sing in the Soundcheck studio. Nicole Wray and Terri Walker, who perform as Lady, sing in the Soundcheck studio. (Michael Katzif / WNYC)

In this episode: As the popular sitcom The Office comes to a close, we talk with actor and musician Creed Bratton, who portrays the delightfully creepy character Creed on the show — and in real life is a former member of the ‘60s band The Grass Roots. 

Plus: Singers Terri Walker and Nicole Wray front the new classically soulful band Lady. The duo joins us to sing a stripped down set in the studio.

And: Contributor Faith Salie delves into a puzzling musical mystery: Why accents seem to disappear in song.


    Creed Bratton, Lady and Faith Salie

    Creed From 'The Office' Plays The Real-Life Role Of Musician

    For fans of the hit NBC series, The Office, a sad day is drawing near. After a nine-season run, the beloved comedy will come to a close on May 16. But for actor Creed Bratton — who pl...


    Lady: Ready And Waiting For Success

    Singers Nicole Wray and Terri Walker started their musical careers literally thousands of miles apart – one, in Virginia, the other, in London. Wray began as an up-and-coming R&B protégé to rapper Missy Elliott; Walker studied opera and received a Mercury Prize nomination for her debut solo album.

    However, after their two separate careers stalled, the two eventually met in New York and teamed up to form Lady – a dually-led band with a classic soul sound that recently released a debut self-titled album. The two join us for a stripped down set -- and an impromptu dance party. 

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    Solving Your Musical Mysteries: Why Do Accents Disappear When We Sing?

    Contributor Faith Salie volunteers to get to the bottom of your unanswered musical questions. Such as: Why do accents seem to disappear in song?  We hear from three experts: Bill Bee...


    The eerie music video for Lene Lovich's song 'Bird Song' was the first video Soundcheck host John Schaefer remembers falling in love with.

    Mistaken Memories Of Medieval Music Videos

    Soundcheck host John Schaefer remembers his first time watching a music video, and it was an "Aha!" moment. 

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    Creed On Creed

    Soundcheck asks The Office's Creed to take a listen to Creed. This is his verdict.


    Lendary British folk producer Joe Boyd is presenting a new Nick Drake tribute compilation album, 'Way To Blue: The Songs Of Nick Drake.'

    Gig Alert: Joe Boyd’s Way To Blue: A Tribute to Nick Drake

    Producer Joe Boyd presents a tribute to Nick Drake at Joe's Pub Wednesday night. Download Vashti Bunyan's take on Drake's "Which Will."

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