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Postcards From Camp; Cell Phone Bans At Shows; Ivan And Alyosha

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Monday, April 22, 2013

A poster from Savages show on April 16th in Seattle, posted to the Tumblr Science Vs Romance (Josh Bis / Science Vs Romance Tumblr)

In This Episode: What defines "camp" in art? In film? In music? It’s a tricky question, but J. Bryan Lowder has tackled it online for, in a series he calls Postcards from Camp -- and he joins us to discuss.

Plus: Some artists are getting fed up with the constant use of smartphones to capture pictures and video at concerts. A few are even banning phone use to make audience members pay attention. We talk with Pitchfork’s Lindsay Zoladz.

And: Indie-folk band Ivan and Alyosha join us to perform songs from their long-awaited debut album, All The Times We Had.   

Melodious Melodrama: Finding Camp Moments In Music

The term "campy" is one generally connoted with films or visual performances that are rooted in gay culture -- "Rocky Horror Picture Show," or John Waters' "Hairspray" are just two examples. As J. Bryan Lowder, Slate editorial assistant for culture, tells us on Soundcheck, it's "things that are sort of exaggerated, over the top, 'so-bad-it's good.'" 


Let's Make This Evening Special: Silence Your Phones

Been to a concert lately? Chances are if you have, you've seen the familiar sight of cellphones in the air, snapping photos, taking videos, posting that stuff to Facebook. But you wouldn't have seen all those blue screens in the air if you were at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show on April 7th in New York, or at the British post-punk band Savages show on April 16th in Seattle. That’s because, as Pitchfork staff writer Lindsay Zoladz tells us, the bands asked their audiences -- both politely and a bit less politely -- to shut their phones off.

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Ivan & Alyosha: Swelling Folk Pop Hooks, In The Studio

Hear the hooky folk pop band Ivan & Alyosha perform in the Soundcheck studio.

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Iggy and the Stooges' iconic 1973 album, 'Raw Power.'

When Iggy Met Dinah

Soundcheck host John Schaefer recalls when the unpredictable rock icon appeared on The Dinah Shore Show.

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Track Premiere: Ola Podrida, 'Speed Of Light'

The Texas-based band Ola Podrida, led by film composer David Wingo, turns up the volume for its upcoming record. Hear the band's new song "Speed Of Light."



Gig Alert: Generationals

Indie-electro duo Generationals performs at Bowery Ballroom Monday night. Download “Put A Light On.”