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Admitting Our Musical Guilty Pleasures; Colin Stetson

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Monday, May 06, 2013

Colin Stetson (Brantley Gutierrez)

In this episode: All this week, we’re talking about musical guilty pleasures. We talk with Grantland writer Andy Greenwald about his claim that he has none – and, we talk with Northwestern University marketing professor Kelly Goldsmith about how the emotion of guilt could be making that Britney Spears track sound even better.

Plus, string quartet Brooklyn Rider shares some of their musical guilty pleasures – including one that inspired us to create a mashup that you won’t hear anywhere else.

And, Colin Stetson is the go-to sax player for groups like Arcade Fire and Bon Iver. But his new album To See More Light is just him on his own– although you might not believe it. He plays live.

'Fess Up: Your Musical Guilty Pleasures

It's guilty pleasures week on Soundcheck -- and that means that it's time to come clean. Do you have a musical guilty pleasure? A genre... an artist... a song that you secretly love but are ashamed to admit it? We want you to call us and tell us about it at 866 939 1612, or you can leave us a comment below in the comments section. 

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Colin Stetson Ends 'Warfare'

Hear the inventive saxophonist perform live in the Soundcheck studio.

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Gig Alert: Field Report

Folk-rock band Field Report plays Music Hall of Williamsburg Monday night. Download "I Am Not Waiting Anymore."