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Revisiting The Bee Gees; Getting To Know AlunaGeorge; Kendra Morris In The Studio

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Friday, August 02, 2013

David Meyer's new book 'The Bee Gees: The Biography' reflects on the band's music and legacy. David Meyer's new book 'The Bee Gees: The Biography' reflects on the band's music and legacy.

In this episode: In his new book, The Bee Gees: The Biography, writer David Meyer looks back at the music and legacy of The Bee Gees. 

Then, a primer on AlunaGeorge -- the duo of George Reid and Aluna Francis who have become darlings of the European music festival circuit without releasing an album. Body Talk, the group's full-length debut was released on July 26. We get a primer from Katherine St. Asaph on just who this group is.

And neo-soul singer Kendra Morris performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Plus, we get a taste of "Mercy" the new single from TV on the Radio, which debuted this week online. The band also released the stems to the song for fans and musicians to remix.


David N. Meyer and Kendra Morris

Why the Bee Gees Sang So High

The Bee Gees didn’t always use an aggressive falsetto. In fact, it was an act of desperation. We hear the story from David N. Meyer, author new book The Bee Gees: The Biography.


Get To Know: AlunaGeorge

Before they even released their debut album earlier this week, British electro-R&B duo AlunaGeorge were topping the British charts with a collaborative dance track called "White Noise." Now, the duo's full-length Body Music is out -- and it's getting some pretty positive attention. Katherine St. Asaph, who wrote about the band for MTV Hive, joins us to explain why the band is blowing up, and what the album holds. 


Kendra Morris: Breathing New Life Into Rock Classics

The soulful New York singer is back with Mockingbird, a new record comprised entirely of soul-infused cover songs -- from Radiohead's "Karma Police" to Dionne Warrick's "Walk On By” t...


Low Cut Connie

Download This: Low Cut Connie

Rock and roll band Low Cut Connie plays The Rock Shop on Friday. Download "Boozophilia."