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Exploring A 'What If' In Music And Motherhood; Morgan Spurlock Captures One Direction; Pure Bathing Culture Plays Live

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Direction One Direction (Courtesy of Sony Pictures)

In this episode: In her debut novel, The Original 1982, Lori Carson explores a great "what if..." in her songwriting protagonist's life: whether or not to become a parent. The narrator examines her life in parallel stories. In one, she follows a musical path, and in the other, her muse is motherhood itself.

Plus: Director Morgan Spurlock made a name for himself with his look at fast food culture in the U.S. and abroad in Super Size Me. Now, the accomplished documentarian focuses his lens on another phenomenon sweeping the world — the U.K. boy-band One Direction — in the concert film, This Is Us.

And: The spacious dream pop duo Pure Bathing Culture drops by the Soundcheck studio to perform songs from its album Moon Tide.


Lori Carson, Pure Bathing Culture and Morgan Spurlock

Between Music And Motherhood: Parallel Lives In 'The Original 1982'

Choosing between a musical career and motherhood is the subject of a new novel called The Original 1982. We talk with author Lori Carson.


Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock Heads In One Direction

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is best known for his 2004 film Super Size Me. His latest is a new concert film about the British boy band One Direction, This Is Us.

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Pure Bathing Culture: Shimmering And Wistful Pop

Watch Pure Bathing Culture perform its sweet and winsome songs from Moon Tides in the Soundcheck studio.


Pure Bathing Culture

Download This: Pure Bathing Culture

Dream pop band Pure Bathing Culture plays Glasslands Wednesday night. Download "Pendulum."

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