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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Low Anthem
"Charlie Darwin"
Playing at: Bowery Ballroom
(6 Delancey St., L.E.S.)
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Influenced by old-timey Americana and Charles Darwin's ideas of survival of the fittest, Rhode Island outfit the Low Anthem turn out warm folk that's well-steeped in contemplation. This track, from the group's 2009 Nonesuch debut Oh My God, Charlie Darwin, was inspired by a discussion the band members had on Darwin's natural selection theory and the jarring effect the idea would (and often does) have on a religious person. With that knowledge, the quite tune's climactic refrain of "Oh my God," sung in tent revival-esque three-part harmony, becomes even more stirring. The band may not be taking a side in the religion versus evolution debate, but on this song, they're certainly making a comment.

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