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New York Philharmonic Arrives in North Korea

Monday, February 25, 2008

The New York Philharmonic arrived in Pyongyang, North Korea yesterday and it is making finnal preparations for its landmark concert tomorrow night. Soundcheck host John Schaefer is there and he joins us with his initial impressions.
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Weigh in: Do you think the New York Philharmonic's visit to North Korea is a good idea or bad idea?


John Schaefer

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John from Upstate NY

It was a great trip & will be judged very favorably by history, just as other civilain cultural exchanges between the 2 countries will be as well. I was one of the 1st Americans to go there, back in 1989 & was very happy to host north Koreans in 2007, with the 1st time they have ever come to the USA, visiting 5 cities, for a cultural exchange with us.

I hope more exchanges take place, as it will help open things up in a peaceful way, using a non-lethal method such as sports &/or music/art! JMHO

Mar. 04 2008 08:54 PM
Sophie Donovan from Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

I am very happy that the world's greatest orchestra made an effort to give a gleamer of hope and hapiness to one of the most repressed and brain-washed people in the world. I know it by experience. While growing up in the war-torn miserable South Korea, the visiting classical musicains from the USA gave us a gleamer of hope and hapiness. I belive that, given a chance, the Western classical music, which produced Beethoven's "Ode of Jo," wakes up out the best in human being. Further I truly believe that when, even in a distant future, some of the repressed Muslims wake up to the beauty of the classical music, the world will have hope and respite.
Sophie Donovan

Feb. 26 2008 07:16 PM

Hey John Schaefer, hope the trip is going well -- you have won a very special prize!

On the return trip from N. Korea to NYC you are booked on a seat between Phil Schaap and Jonathan Schwartz.

Congratulations and bon voyage!

Feb. 25 2008 03:44 PM
Kim-chee from 32nd Street

I think it is at some level an indication that North Korea is willing to engage peacefully with the world. We'll just have to see how it pans out - it's too early to know.

Feb. 25 2008 12:07 PM

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