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Arts and the Candidates

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Health care, education and the war in Iraq dominate this year’s presidential election. Today on Soundcheck, a look at the candidates and their stances on another hot-button issue: funding for the arts. Also: the Brazilian/Israeli group Choro Ensemble shares their take on a Brazilian rhythm from the 1930s. Plus: new Evening Music host Terrance McKnight joins us for our CD Picks of the Week.


Choro Ensemble and Terrance McKnight

Arts on the Campaign Trail

The New York Philharmonic's visit to North Korea drew heaps of media attention and sparked debate about the role of arts in politics. But the issue of arts funding hasn't been debated much by the Republican and Democratic candidates. We find out where they stand on the arts from Robin ...

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CD Picks of the Week

Terrance McKnight
As a kind of musical icebreaker, WNYC's new Evening Music host Terrance McKnight joins us to share four selections that illustrate different musical phases of his life -- one for each decade.

First decade: Mahalia Jackson, "The Best of Mahalia Jackson. ...

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Choro Ensemble Live

Choro is a Brazilian rhythm that started in Rio de Janeiro in the 1930s. It can now be heard every week in New York, courtesy of a Brazilian/Israeli group called Choro Ensemble. They join us for a live performance of old tunes and original compositions.

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Pyongyang, day 2: the big event, part I

Day 2 starts just a few hours after a frustrating day 1 ends. Upon waking, no tech fairies have appeared to magically make connections work, though Larry Rock has been making reassuring noises in his emails to NY, which I'm cc'd on. The banquet room has been set up for ...