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Hips Don't Lie, But Lips Do

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Monday, April 14, 2008

The opera world is buzzing with the news that the late Luciano Pavarotti lip-synched the final performance of his career. Today on Soundcheck, we find out why major stars fake it -- and whether fans can ever forgive them. Later: composer Victoria Bond and soprano Patricia Johnson join us to talk about Bond's opera "Mrs. President."


Victoria Bond and Patricia Johnson

A Tenor Turned Mime

The late Luciano Pavarotti has joined the ranks of Ashlee Simpson and Milli Vanilli. A new book revealed the legendary tenor and an orchestra mimed their way through a performance in 2006 at the Turin Olympics. Today, we debate whether lip-synching is ever appropriate -- and if fans are more ...

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When Lip Synching Saves the Day

When a tenor's voice failed during a performance of at the Pittsburgh Opera, an unlikely hero stepped in to save the day. We talk with Pittsburgh Opera music director Antony Walker.

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Mrs. President

Imagine a woman running for the American presidency, with an black man as her running mate. A look into the future? Not quite. The opera "Mrs. President" tells the story of Victoria Woodhull, who ran for president in 1872 with Frederick Douglass as her running mate. Composer and conductor Victoria ...