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New York's Club Shuffle

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Keeping up with the city's ever-evolving club scene is a part-time job. Joining us to give us the latest overview of who's in, who's out -- and who's moved -- are Time Out New York music editor Mike Wolf, Le Poisson Rouge co-owner David Handler, and Galapagos director Robert Elmes.

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Robert Elmes, David Handler and Mike Wolf

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al oof from brooklyn

jean, i'd do it myself, but there's no where to do it. plus, i'm not a kid anymore.

Jul. 02 2008 08:35 PM
farrah from NJ

what was the name of the artist and the song you played on sound check. It was a female artist and I thought the song's name was hasti. The artist must be persian because the song was sang in persian. Thanks!

it was today on sound check about clubs at about 2:30. Thanks!

SOUNDCHECK SAYS: The artist was Haale. More info at

Jul. 02 2008 02:50 PM
jason from Brooklyn

I had heard great things about le poisson rouge in the past weeks but haven't been there yet. Anyone know how it compares to a Joe's pub or Living room in terms of sound and atmosphere?

Jul. 02 2008 02:35 PM
Jean Michel from Rockland County NY

The real question is; where is the next great musical movement and who will be a part of it? The earth shattering venues are those that house the musicians who crack open our skulls and make us look inside.

Jul. 02 2008 02:30 PM
Jean Michel from Rockland County NY

I should have elaborated. I thought CBGB was a pretty crappy venue for the past 20 years. I thought it literally should have been turned in to a sort of interactive rock museum/ cafe. Haven't been to ABC in a dogs age. I miss that place and I miss helping out with the day to day ops of it. ABC No Rio is a place that should be a lot more present in peoples minds.

In terms of where are the all age shows, a la the glorious punk age from the 70's to the 80's; you gotta make it man. All the great music movements and venues throughout our time have been created by the kids in the scene themselves. DIY NATION!!! Dig in and don't wait for someone to do it for you.

Jul. 02 2008 02:27 PM
Rory Bernstein from Brooklyn, NY

Do any of the clubs you're talking about OWN their spaces? Is that ever a possibility in the context of the business plan of a club? Seems like it would make a lot of sense.

Jul. 02 2008 02:26 PM
andy from brooklyn

Tonic was great when it opened, but it really was not a great venue. By the time it closed, I hadn't been there in a couple of years. But it was infinitely better than the Stone.

Jul. 02 2008 02:24 PM
al oof from brooklyn

oh, and the saddest loss in recent years was north six. north six was the best. and now it is gone and replaced with a creepy bowery ballroom clone.

Jul. 02 2008 02:13 PM
al oof from brooklyn

you're wrong. cbgb's, for at least the past 20 years, was one of the worst clubs in nyc. seriously, being a band playing there was -awful-. seeing a show there was only slightly less bad. i'm so glad it's gone. it was running on it's reputation far too long to suck so freaking badly.

that said, coney island high was good times. i think a question you need to ask, where are the all ages shows these days? because so far as i can tell, you're either playing a tiny all ages show at abc no rio, or a huge one at bowery ballroom. you know? it's pretty much completely bullshit.

Jul. 02 2008 02:12 PM
mary p from downtown

having been to (le) poisson rouge twice in the past two weeks I've got to say I couldn't be happer with the revival of the Gate venue.

Great eclectic line up (I went to see Soulive and Rickie Lee Jones with the fab Petra Hayden) -serious kudos to Brice Rosenbloom

Jul. 02 2008 02:08 PM
Jean Michel from Rockland County NY

I miss The Wetlands and Cony Island High. Two great clubs that have gone the way of the dodo and CBGB should have been preserved as NYC's own little rock n roll hall of fame. Little by little I watch my formative years become smokey memories and it's a shame, because a lot of these places are the United States equivalent to so many churches and artistic landmarks that the rest of the world seems to cherish and preserve.

Jul. 02 2008 02:06 PM
David D from South Orange, New Jersey

Can your guests comment on the effect that the cabaret laws have had on the club scene?

Jul. 02 2008 10:48 AM

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