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Malcolm McLaren

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

He managed Sid Vicious, and ran for Mayor of London. Now, Malcolm McLaren is taking on Times Square. He tells us about his latest project, setting old stag film footage to a new rock 'n roll soundtrack and showing it outside at 44th and Broadway.

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Eliot wien from New York City

Malcolm McLaren is responsible for a lot more than The Sex Pistols. At one time he managed The New York Dolls, Bow Wow Wow, Adam & The Ants, & Let's not forget The Worlds Famous Supreme Team for "Hey D.J." and "Buffalo Gals". What's the point of showing porn with New music in Times Square? Get back to the music, and bring us some good bands to listen to!

Jul. 09 2008 03:34 PM
Tom Leonard from new york

Ughh, why are you taking this pompous windbag so seriously? I've had to listen to I don't know how many minutes of him boasting away about how he invented the wheel and everything since then, and not once did I hear anyone laugh at him. Just remember Buffalo Girls and that tells you all you know about his artistic genius

Jul. 09 2008 02:36 PM
Michelle from Hudson St

I appreciate his sense of juxtaposition. Putting a project like this in a cleaned up Times Sq, the "break up" piece of Love will keep us together/Love will tear us apart". Brilliant.

Jul. 09 2008 02:36 PM
Jennifer H from Brooklyn

Gosh Malc you really are pretentious - and I venture a wee bit desperate too ...
but fun to listen too

Aptly titled piece btw

Jul. 09 2008 02:34 PM
dairy from brooklyn

you can tit it up all you want, but sex is dead and we all help maul it.

Jul. 09 2008 02:32 PM

"as good as any Edouard Manet"-- comments such as this reveal McClaren's philistinism. He really is not much more than an annoying self-promoter. And his taking credit for the Sex Pistols is a bit much, isn't it? "Shallow" certainly describes this second-rater.

Jul. 09 2008 02:25 PM
sarah from Williamsburg

ewe and he just used the "p" word.

Jul. 09 2008 02:24 PM

This dude is crazy.

Jul. 09 2008 02:22 PM
sarah from Williamsburg

This is painful.

I miss John's voice.

Jul. 09 2008 02:21 PM
Michelle from Hudson St

I am almost nostalgic for the old seedy 1970s Times Square after looking into this project. What is Disney's stance on the project?

Jul. 09 2008 02:09 PM
Jean Michel from Rockland County, NY

Times Square has become Disney Land. It's become the "family values" center of the city. There is no longer an edge to that nook of the city and the crannies that sex and grunge have retreated to are slowly being eradicated as well.

I just don't think this is something that the "New" New York is going to jive with.
You can thank Giuliani for that Malci Mac.

New York is no longer a sexy place. It's a billboard with a nice view and all night burger joints.

Jul. 09 2008 02:07 PM
david olmedo from nyc

We seen to have an infestation of bed bugs in manhattan what can we do about this infestation

Jul. 09 2008 01:32 PM
david olmedo from nyc


Jul. 09 2008 01:31 PM

Will he discuss how he stole Johnny Rotten's money and how Rotten(Lydon) sued him and won?

Jul. 09 2008 12:12 PM
david olmedo from nyc

I dont see this as being realitsic to try and cut poverty in half in ten years maybe you can inprove lives in short term. I dont see it as being a permanent change in individuals.

Jul. 09 2008 10:19 AM

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