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Musical Late Bloomers Shed Anxiety

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

For adults who set out to learn (or re-learn) a musical instrument, private lessons and excruciating recitals are simply not an option. Today, two writers share how they connected with groups of like-minded amateurs. Environmental policy reporter (and pianist) Perri Knize talks about the nationwide network of "piano parties." And bestselling detective novelist (and bassoonist) Alexander McCall Smith takes us inside a Scottish ensemble called The Really Terrible Orchestra.


Perri Knize and Alexander McCall Smith

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Mick Diarmiad from South Orange / Maplewood, New Jersey

If you are ever at a loss for program topics, then run a segment on the most musical suburb in New Jersey: Maplewood / South Orange.

Aside from a good number of professional jazz musicians, the two towns host more than 30 amateur bands playing folk to rock to jazz.

Some believe this was kick started by one or two bands playing at charity fundraisers which led to much larger events for Habitat for Humanity culminating in Maplewoodstock (I didn't make this up, honest) which runs over a two day period in mid-July.

Aug. 06 2008 03:45 PM
Emilyna from Ft Greene Brooklyn

I love singing and I have always wanted to be in a band. Maybe the girl bass player in an all guy band or a folk duo with my sister... alas it's not something I have had the time to pursue since I am still starting my real career. So when I got a mac a couple years ago and it had a program called Garagband I fell in love. Now I write little two minute songs, mixing the music that comes with the program and singing into the computer microphone. I often invite friends and family over and they get to be guest artists on some of the songs! Once a song is finished I upload it onto the myspace band page my brother Jesse and I made and we share our shinnagins with everyone we know.

Aug. 06 2008 02:42 PM
Avi from brooklyn

Could someone please, please recommend an open adult choir in the city--a caller mentioned one for which there are no auditions, and I've been seeking that for some time.

Aug. 06 2008 02:36 PM
Jim from Brooklyn

Where is Sophia's bar in Sunset Park? I live there and would like to see this kind of performance, but have no idea where Sophia's bar is.

Aug. 06 2008 02:34 PM
brian from midtown

a few years back a state mental hospital in massachusetts let us have free practice space in exchange for giving shows for the patients. They were the best audience we ever played for.

Aug. 06 2008 02:24 PM
maude from east village

I've always had dreams of being a drummer in a rock band, but have no time so never pursued it. Instead, I'm going to ROCK CAMP this weekend, where I'll form a band with other women and get to play at the knitting factory on Sunday! (This is through the Willie Mae rock camp for women and girls)
(and apparently there are still places available for this weekend!--I just sent my application in last week)

Aug. 06 2008 02:09 PM

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