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The Sway Machinery

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Sway Machinery collective features members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, Antibalas and Balkan Beat Box. They recorded their album Hidden Melodies Revealed in a former temple, layering ancient Jewish texts in Hebrew and Aramaic over horn-driven Afro-pop, rock beats and the blues. They join us to perform live in our studio and to discuss their divine inspirations.


The Sway Machinery

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Yasha Rozov

The best band in and out of Brooklyn. period.

Feb. 25 2009 05:08 PM
Rochel Feldbin from Brooklyn, NY

I loved both the performance and the interview. Jeremiah Lockwood is moving and eloquent in his description of what he's about. When I experienced Sway Machinery live, on Rosh Hashana, I was moved spiritually in a way that I hadn't thought possible. Jeremiah and his musicians captured a sense of tradition that I thought I'd lost. There was genuine "kavanah" in the performances of every member of the band, and I was floored by the degree of spirituality they achieved and helped all of us in the audience achieve with them. No wonder this event (at Le Poisson Rouge) was dubbed an "alternative service" by the religious organizers at NYU.

Feb. 11 2009 03:13 PM
Ken from NYC

I like all the bands who've contributed members to this collective, but this is a poorly conceived, badly executed idea. Just not very pleasant, even if you love cantors...

Feb. 11 2009 02:46 PM

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