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Seven Sins: Gluttony

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Friday series "Seven Sins: The Deadly Medley" continues with a look at how gluttony has inspired songwriters and composers. Music journalist Amanda Petrusich and music critic and food writer Fred Plotkin share songs that show how our darkest desire to consume -- food, among other things -- shapes music. Plus: live music from Christopher Janney and the Persuasions.


Amanda Petrusich and Fred Plotkin

Gluttony's Deadly Medley

In the second installment of our weekly "Seven Sins" series, music journalist Amanda Petrusich and food writer Fred Plotkin explain how gluttony has inspired exceptional (but occasionally gross) music.

List: Amanda Petrusich's deadly medley for gluttony


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Christopher Janney and the Persuasions

The Persuasions are one of America’s most enduring and popular a cappella groups. Christopher Janney is a well-known sonic architect; you may have walked through his longstanding sound installation at the Times Square subway station. Now they’re working together, on a work built around the human heartbeat. They join us ...

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Fred Plotkin's Deadly Medley

Music critic, educator, and food writer Fred Plotkin joins us on Soundcheck to explore "gluttony," as part of our series, "Seven Sins: The Deadly Medley." He shared with us a list of seven operas and a bit of Telemann's famous work of banquet music.

Rossini, "L’Italiana in Algeri"

Rossini's aria ...


Amanda Petrusich's Deadly Medley

Music writer and author Amanda Petrusich joins us today for our "gluttony" installment of our series Seven Sins: The Deadly Medley. Here's her list of gluttonous music:

"Maximum Consumption," The Kinks (listen)

"Keep on Eatin'," Memphis Minnie

"Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)," ...


Musical Gluttony - Not Always What It Seems To Be

Last week, we started our series on the Seven Deadly Sins in music with the #1 sin on the sin charts: Lust. That was an easy one - it's hard to imagine any body of songs in any style that doesn't contain a few songs, at least, about gettin' ...