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The Hidden Talents of Louis Armstrong

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jazz legend Louis Armstrong often passed the time on the road with an unusual hobby: creating collages. As we find out today, he made some 500 of them, many of which documented his creative and partying lifestyle. Also on the show: the band BLK JKS, from Johannesburg, South Africa, have a remarkable story, told through their new four-song EP, "Mystery." They perform live.

Armstrong: jazz genius and collage artist

Trumpet player and singer Louis Armstrong is considered by some as the most important American musician of the 20th century. But besides music, he created some 500 collages on recording tape boxes, documenting a life full of creativity and wild parties. His artworks are now in the book Satchmo: The ...

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The South African rock band BLK JKS grew out of a childhood friendship in a Johannesburg neighborhood and became a guitar-fueled journey into American indie-rock. The band talks about the road to their new “Mystery” EP, and they perform live in our studio.

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Louis Armstrong, we hardly knew ya

As a kid, I thought Louis Armstrong was hopelessly old-fashioned. Because of course all I knew were songs like "Hello Dolly," which were hopelessly old-fashioned. I knew nothing of the critical role he played in the development of jazz, or his complex and sometimes dark relationships with women, racism, and ...


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