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When the Theater becomes your Living Room

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Growing numbers of audiences are acting out in theaters and concert halls -- texting friends, eating fast food or taking off their shoes. Today: a Soundcheck Smackdown debate on whether the theater has grown too casual. Also: the genre-bending Sweet Plantain String Quartet perform live in our studio.

Bravos and No-nos in the theater

Theaters and concert halls have always been home to disputes over noisy candy wrappers, errant cell phones, and uncontrolled whispers. But some say that as theaters try to put on a more welcoming face for audiences, patrons are getting too comfortable in their surroundings. Ellen Gamerman, a reporter with the ...

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Debating Bad Behavior

How relaxed is too relaxed when it comes to standards of audience etiquette in theaters? Joining us to debate this question is David Cote, theater critic of Time Out New York, and Limor Tomer, WNYC’s executive producer of music programming.

Weigh in: Do you think standards of behavior ...

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The Sweet Plantain String Quartet

Comprised of musicians from Venezuela, the Bronx, and New Jersey— The Sweet Plaintain String Quartet hope to stretch the boundaries of their genre. The group's mission is to present urban and Latino sounds, and its repertoire ranges from John Coltrane to A Tribe Called Quest to living composers such as ...

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How comfy is TOO comfy?

Theater critics and audience members alike are complaining about a rise in boorish behavi...

Sorry. Bored myself to sleep for a moment there. Yeah, yeah, people are ignorant, rude, loud, and uncouth. I'm afraid that's not the theater, people. That's just people. We've covered the same complaints on past shows from opera houses, concert halls, jazz clubs, even movie theaters and rock venues, where a certain amount of noise is expected, and sometimes even encouraged.