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Remembering Paul Nelson

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Monday, November 30, 2009

The pioneering rock critic Paul Nelson documented the rise of Bob Dylan, wrote for Rolling Stone – and signed the New York Dolls to a record label. Today: author Jonathan Lethem talks about the fictionalized version of Paul Nelson in his new novel "Chronic City." Plus: jazz pianist Gerald Clayton performs live in our studio.


Gerald Clayton and Jonathan Lethem

Rock Critic Requiem

When the music writer Paul Nelson died in 2006, few people remembered who he was: one of the first to champion a young Bob Dylan, an influential contributor to magazines like Rolling Stone and Sing Out! -- and the guy who dared to sign the New York Dolls to a ...


Gerald Clayton

The 25-year-old jazz pianist Gerald Clayton is already a veteran in jazz circles, having worked with people like singer Diana Krall, trumpet player Roy Hargrove, and The Clayton Brothers (which includes his bassist father and saxophonist uncle). Gerald joins us for a live performance of songs of his debut album ...

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Lester Bangs


Just a couple of weeks ago, we looked back at the career of the late Robert Palmer, an important music critic and writer.


DJ Harvey

Thanksgiving Friday with DJ Harvey

Though his story reads like a nice stroll through a few of late 20th century's most potent musical subcultures, the reason forty-something Brit Harvey Bassett (a.k.a. DJ Harvey) is honored with legend status by today's disco hipsters rests less on where he's been, than on what he's brought back.

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Put the Thong on the Aussie and See How He Likes It

Where do you think "traditional" music ends and cultural exploitation begins?  Or does the whole question of authenticity bore you to death?  Jace Clayton, a.k.a. DJ /rupture, has str...

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John Hollenbeck

Gig Alerts: John Hollenbeck

John Hollenbeck
"No Boat"
Playing at: Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker St., Greenwich Village)
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Hank & Cupcakes

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Hank & Cupcakes
"Sweet Potion"
Playing at: Zebulon (258 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg)
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Queen Ifrica

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Queen Ifrica
"Lioness on the Rise"
Playing at: S.O.B.s
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Bear in Heaven

Live at Zebulon

Brooklyn band Bear in Heaven, fresh off a big endorsement from Pitchfork, took the tiny stage at Williamsburg's Zebulon to play songs from their new album Beast Rest Forth Mouth--and we've got the whole show for you right here.