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Vic's SXSW Tips 3: Check Under the Hoodie

Saturday, March 08, 2008 - 12:56 PM

More from my friend Vic Krothe, this time on how to dress for 'The Live Music Capital of the World:'

monkey_hoodie.jpg'Bring a variety of different layers. It might be in the 70's-80's during the day, and it might get down to 40 at night. Be prepared. I always tell people to bring a couple of different layers, say a jean jacket and a hoodie, that can be combined in case it gets colder, that way you can stash the hoodie in your backpack (or messenger bag if you prefer) until you need it. Just a little advice. Texas is a land of extremes, including weather patterns. I blame the Gulf of Mexico.'

Photo: Flickr/Sirelroka


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