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Inspiration Information: Five Videos to Watch

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 - 05:06 PM

The Fiery Furnaces

Photo courtesy of Thrill Jockey Records

So, you're interested in making a music video for our Fiery Furnaces video contest. That's good to hear. But the competition will be fierce. The Furnaces' fanbase is as artsy as it gets. You'll need all the ideas you can conjure.

To get those creative juices flowing, John Schaefer has selected his five favorite music videos of late. Check them out - and take notes.

'Shot In The Back Of The Head'
(from Wait for Me)

Like the song, the video is deliberately grainy and lo-tech. It's by none other than David Lynch, and it's just as strange, elliptical and idiosyncratic as everything else he does.

Johnny Foreigner
'Salt, Peppa and Spinderella'

A simple trick - no video, just thousands of snap shots put together flip-book style. And a simple message - the ecstasy of rock when you really, really mean it.

Scroobius Pip Vs Dan Le Sac
'Look for the Woman'
(from Angles)

Another simple video - a familiar but still touching story of a love affair falling apart, as if seen by one of Wim Wenders' sorry angels from Wings Of Desire.

Mare Winningham
'In The Valley Of The Dry Bones'

Actress/songwriter's friend put this together - the opening shot of a tall building bursting into pieces is still a disturbing image. But this video is a stunner. Beautiful and slow and wise.

TVOTR Screengrab

TV on the Radio
'Golden Age'
(from Dear Science)

Wonderfully over the top, with cheesy effects and the TVOTR boys channeling their inner Village People. Unfortunately, Interscope has made it impossible to embed this video, so click on the screengrab above to watch it on YouTube.


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