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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Lower Dens
"Hospice Gates"
Playing at: Cake Shop
(152 Ludlow St., L.E.S.)
Get: Tickets ($8 at door) | Directions

Baltimore's Lower Dens is new to the indie scene, but the band's low-voiced frontwoman Jana Hunter is not. Before hooking up with her current outfit, Hunter found a friend in freak folker Devendra Banhart, who's been championing Hunter as a solo artist through releases on his Gnomonsong label for years. With her new band, however, Hunter is focusing less on freak folk and more on haunting post-punk songs that are as candid as they are captivating. This track from Lower Dens' debut Twin-Hand Movement, with its dark, alluring mood and Hunter's hushed howl, gets under your skin before you know it.

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