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Friday, August 27, 2010

Musicians like Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Sting earned career-defining acclaim early on, but produced bewildering or disappointing work later. But maybe they didn't "lose it." Perhaps we're just not smart enough to understand their art. Today: the Advanced Genius Theory, a brilliant pop-culture philosophy -- or a crazy idea hatched at a Pizza Hut. (Or both.) Also: Cellist Joshua Roman made a splash at age 22 by winning principal cello in the Seattle Symphony. Now a solo artist, Roman stops by perform live in our studio.

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The Nature of Genius

It's a common complaint: that brilliant musicians do their best work when they're just starting out, and they never manage to equal that later in their careers. The Advanced Genius Theory puts forth the notion that true advanced geniuses in the arts may seem to eventually slip, but in fact, it is our own critical response to their latter works that is lacking.

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Remember the Coast Guard

On our recent segment about military bands, we characterized the United States armed forces as having four branches. Of course, there are five. We forgot one very important branch: The Coast Guard.


Joshua Roman: Live

Joshua Roman was only 22 when he became the principal cellist in the Seattle Symphony in 2006. He has since embarked on an adventurous solo career that has included gigs in nightclubs, an appearance with the YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, and coming this fall, a multimedia project with DJ Spooky.

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Advancing a new theory of genius

John Schaefer on Advanced Genius Theory, or AGT: WTF?

DJ /rupture

Gig Alert: DJ /rupture

The golden boy of the DJ world performs at the Whitney Museum of American Art on Friday night. Download his stirring, strut-worthy track "Layin in Bed/Overture Watermelon City."

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Annie Gosfield

Gig Alert: Annie Gosfield Chamber Works

The avant-gardist composer presents an evening of her adventurous music Friday at the Stone. Download an excerpt from her spare yet raucous piece "Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers."



Gig Alert: Elikeh

The D.C. band brings its Togolese sound to Joe's Pub on Saturday. Download the group's politically-charged track "Adje! Adje!"