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Comedian Bo Burnham’s Musical Poetry; Jenny Hval Plays Live; City Opera

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Jenny Hval performs in the Soundcheck studio. Jenny Hval performs in the Soundcheck studio. (Michael Katzif / WNYC)

In this episide: Bo Burnham is a comedian, songwriter and actor who rose to fame via YouTube. His work has since been featured on Comedy Central and MTV. He joins us with a new book of funny, musical poetry called Egghead.

Plus: Norwegian singer-songwriter Jenny Hval joins us to play songs from her album Innocence Is Kinky.

And:New York City Opera announced this week that it is filing for bankruptcy and effectively closing its doors. We get a reflection from Fred Plotkin of WQXR’s Operavore blog.

Bo Burnham: What's Funny In Musical Comedy

Comedian, songwriter and actor Bo Burnham talks about his new book of musical and funny poetry, and shares a Pick Three of his favorite songs.


City Opera's Swan Song?

Writer Fred Plotkin joins us to reflect on the demise of New York City Opera, the subject of his recent column for WQXR's Operavore.


Jenny Hval: Ethereal And Provocative Art Pop

Watch the provocative and experimental Norwegian pop musician Jenny Hval perform songs from her latest album Innocence Is Kinky in the Soundcheck studio.


Download This: Of Verona

The indie electro band of Verona plays at Arlene's Grocery Thursday. Download "Dark In My Imagination."